About Us

Wiredash is designed and developed by Flutter pioneers from all around the world.
We simply love the framework and it's possibilities.


At Wiredash we're trying hard to build an interactive feedback tool with the focus on the UX. For us, Flutter is a huge paradigm shift in how users can interact with an app - and we want to push those limits even further.

Frederik, Founder of Wiredash

Power to the Users

We are true believers in the user revolution. Instead of building features you think your users will like, why not directly ask them which features they actually want?

We believe it's time for a change in how to build your app or business. We think that the ideas and the feedback of your users are your biggest advantage in building a unique product. Comparing different feedback or bug reporting tools on the market we felt the need for one which inspires the users to wanting to give feedback.

From here on, we aspire to build the world's most user friendly way for users to communicate with the makers of digital products. We want to cross borders and go truly multi-platform, so in the end it doesn't matter if your digital product is a mobile app, a desktop program or embedded in heavy machinery. With Flutter all of this is now possible.

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Early Adopters

Most of us here at Wiredash found out about Flutter when it still was in it's early alpha days. With our love for detail und great UX we soon realized that Flutter is going to be a game changer in how modern UIs are built.

The idea for an interactive user feedback tool was born out of plain curiosity. We wanted to test how far one could take some new UI concepts in Flutter. After publishing a first proof of concept on Twitter back in 2019, we knew we were onto something.

The idea of giving feedback without users leaving the app while still being able to navigate was a real game changer. From that moment on we were thrilled by the thought that we could streamline the feedback process even further, thus narrowing the gap between the user and the creator.

Wiredash is the first real multi-platfrom feedback tool which is also a delight to use. Using Flutter and Wiredash together is a no-brainer for me.

Gavin Belson, CEO at Hooli

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